We offer Customized enterprise web applications developmnt

Simply put, Web Applications are dynamic web sites combined with server side programming which provide functionalities such as interacting with users, connecting to back-end databases, and generating results to browsers.
The core to our service delivery understands our customer’s needs and business.

Driven by reaserch, committed to performance.

Our rich experience on consulting side and understanding of business processes allows us to develop customized web applications best suited for your businesses.
We can helped clients, transform their business processes like HR, Sales, CRM, inventory etc by offering customized web applications.

The core to our service delivery understands our customer’s needs and business. Before kick starting the actual work on projects, we spend time with our customers seeking, analyzing and interpreting pieces of information which would be relevant in project execution.


Involves detailed understang of customer needs and business processes. This is done through consultation.


Prepare a detailed project document with related workflows and get customers concurrance on the same.


Execute the project based on scope and regularly update from the customer with feedback and suggestions.


Involves deployment of the project on-site and conduct a detailed tesing. Handover post successful depolyment.

Our key Service Attributes

While all web development solutions are unique, there are few attributes, which make an application truly deserving from client perspective. At Frankpro consulting, our development methodology encompasses and considers the following key attributes while offering any solution to our clients..

Stick to
Focussed on
Customer needs
Driven by
Committed to


Frankpro Consulting has successfully developed & implemented over 15 custom designed projects to our customers. Some of the key verticals we have worked on are;

Customer Relationship Mgt
Online Discussion Boards
Sales Process Management
Recruitment Process Mgt
Salary & Leave Administration
Performance Management
Customized Dashboards
Online Assessment
Inventory Management
Hotel/Resort Management

FrankPro has everthing you need to launch and drive your business online